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Skylight Sales, Inc.
8049 Monetary Dr. #C4
West Palm Beach
Florida 33404
OFFICE: 561-776-2815
FAX: 561-776-1417

Skylight Light Can Change Everything

Nature's natural mood transformer


It is a scientific fact that light can enhance our mood and affect our sleep patterns, and the lack of light can make us sad or even sick. Natural light is indeed crucial to our well-being, but sunshine flooding into our homes brings in glare and heat as well as harmful UV rays that can fade and damage furnishings and artwork. So how do you work with Mother Nature to perfect the light in your home-to control it if you have too much or maximize it if you have too little? It's not just a simple opened-and-closed proposition.

"Hunter Douglas custom window coverings not only control the light, but enhance it, affording views and light and energy efficiency where other products simply can't," said Stephan Elbaz at Interior Motif, 629 Washington St., Hoboken, who offers a full line of these state-of-the-art products.

Duette honeycomb shades, featuring honeycomb pleats that soften and diffuse the light through layers of fabric, revolutionized the relationship between windows and light almost two decades ago. Today they are available in a range of styles from sheer to opaque for just the right amount of light, and they're so versatile they can cover almost any window, skylights, specialty shapes, even sliding glass doors. Initially developed in response to the energy crisis of the late '70s they are also remarkably energy efficient, trapping are in the honeycomb pleats to help keep you warm in winter, cool in summer and comfortable all the time. Any by diffusing the light, they can create a soft romantic glow in rooms that might otherwise seen hot and harsh.

The next important achievement in the relationship between light and windows, Silhouette window shadings consist of two fabric panels, with fabric vanes between them, that rotate for varying degrees of light filtration and privacy. In addition to beautifully softening and diffusing incoming light when the fabric vanes are rotated open, Silhouette window shadings protect against 66 percent of the sun's harmful UV rays, while still allowing for light and view, something more traditional products can't do. Luminette Privacy Sheers, a similar concept to Silhouette window shadings that is oriented vertically, provides almost the same level of protection.

A product that invites experimentation with light is new Trio Convertible Shads. This soft window covering features individual 1 1/8" hexagon-shaped horizontal vanes that each "open" and "close." The product transforms itself from a shade to a blind in one smooth motion, and offers high R-values) a measurement for energy efficiency) as well.

For those who want light and a view, but your neighbors are all too close? Top-down/bottom-up window coverings are great for first-floor rooms and for second-floor bedrooms to give rooms privacy and still with the Top-Down/Bottom-Up TiltAnywhere feature for ultimate flexibility.

These are only some of the ingenious window coverings from Hunter Douglas available of Interior Motif that give people the emotional satisfaction and practical consequences that come from being in control of the light entering their homes.

The Hudson Reporter 2005